interfaith Dialogue and Action

The INTERFAITH DIRECTORY presents a great start point for any wider research or enquiry concerning interfaith and interreligious dialogue and action.
 To show the geographical distribution of interfaith organizations there is a reference map showing a marker for larger or medium scale organizations of global, international, or regional scope. There are a number of distinctly local interfaith organizations, often addressing social support, the needy, pluralism, or cultural engagement, calling on a faith approach to build respect, peace and justice in the community. We also reference other resources about interfaith, and offer custom tools or search.


select below and click to view a list of Interfaith Organizations identifying with these frequently used WORDS. [as shown by size with count-on-hover.]

enviroment | dialogue | health | women | grassroots | peace | conflict | tolerance | community | education | culture | justice/community | action | ecumenic | respect | local-respect | research | youth | spiritual | justice


  geographic distribution of 91 larger and medium scale interfaith and inter-religious organizations  

interfaith dialogue and action