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Organization The Coexist Foundation
History Established 2006
City London, England
Values Religious
Vision Coexist is not just about good relations: it is also about exploring our own convictions and beliefs. Secondly, Coexist is focused on action, not words.
Mission To promote understanding and respect between Jews, Christians and Muslims through education, dialogue and research. Bishop of London "this work is a vital test of our determination to find new ways of managing conflict in the new world order".
Goals To drive and support educational programmes and initiatives to capture the public imagination, promoting dialogue and reconciliation between groups in conflict, and research programmes which further relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims, and between these faiths and others.
Approach fund projects and initiatives, and by bringing together an influential network including government, business, charities, academics and faith leaders
Structure Eminent Trustees, Professional Team. Non-profit Foundation.
Scale Larger
Scope Global
Activity partners with the University of Cambridge (Co-exist projects), Insight Film festival, NewYork Public Library (three faiths exhibit). St Ethelburga's. Three Faiths Garden. The Nurani project, to develop digital dialogues between Muslims, Christians and Jews, developed with Coexist’s partners at the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme and Meedan, a leading provider of advanced translation technologies, Nurani is a pioneering web service that enables cross-language discussions between religious leaders and scholars in Arabic and English.
Religion Secular
Words education, dialogue, research, action
Acronym TCF
Contact The Coexist Foundation, 52/53 Margaret Street London, W1W 8SQ United Kingdom. +44 207 637 8950