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Organization Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land
History established 2005 as the first ever consultative body representing the highest official religious authorities in the Holy Land. Followed on from the historic first ever meeting of religious leaders from the Holy Land that took place in Alexandria, Egypt, in 2002, initiated by the then Archbishop of Canterbury and hosted by the Grand Imam of Al Azhar. At the conclusion of the meeting the leaders issued a joint declaration calling for peace in the Holy Land and describing violence in the name of religions as the desecration of religion itself.
City Jerusalem, Israel
Values we believe that the essence of religion is to worship God and respect the life and dignity of all human beings
Vision a just and comprehensive peace and reconciliation between people of all faiths in the Holy Land
Mission seeks to facilitate open avenues of communication between the religious leaders to prevent religion from being used as a source of conflict, and to promote mutual respect.
Goals to maintain a permanent relationship and open channels of communication between the institutional religious leadership of the Holy Land. To sustain a close working relationship with the Government of Israel and the Palestinian National Authority. To promote respect for the holy sites of all faith communities, and to counteract any expression of disrespect, desecration or abuse of holy sites, particularly when they are exploited for violent and hostile purposes.
Approach The Council met in 2007 and 2012, all the members of the Council travelled to Washington and met with senior American religious and political leaders. On various occasions, the Council or individual members within it have met with foreign and national political leaders. These meetings are an opportunity for members of the Council to raise issues of critical importance to interfaith and inter-communal relations and to demonstrate the value of interreligious cooperation. The Council issues public statements in response to events of a religious or interreligious nature, and members of the Council have intervened to help diffuse serious conflicts in the Holy Land.
Structure Council and staff. In 2008 two executives were appointed to establish the CRIHL secretariat in Jerusalem. They share offices with the organisation Search for Common Ground.The Council is working through the help and support of the Norwegian Government and the Norwegian Church.
Scale Medium
Scope Regional
Activity Media monitoring of Israeli and Palestinian print media, has proven an invaluable tool for relationship building and internal communication between religious leaders in the Holy Land. Whenever positive, derogatory or inciting statements by religious leaders are identified in mainstream media, are responded to in the form of CRIHL press releases, calls and actions, or may be addressed discreetly within political and religious circles, based on a case by case assessment. Israeli-Palestinian schoolbook Project with the goal to study the Portrayal of the Other in school books. Young religious leaders project.
Religion Judaism, Christian, Islam
Words dialogue, peace, respect
Acronym CRIHL
Contact P.O.Box 49411 Jerusalem 91491. Tel: +972 (0)2 532 3796 Fax: +972 (0)2 5820117