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Organization Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies
History Established in 1994.
City Amman, Jordan
Values Civic
Vision Interdisciplinary study and rational discussion of religion and religious issues
Mission To provide a venue in the Arab world for the interdisciplinary study and rational discussion of religion and religious issues, with particular reference to Christianity in Arab and Islamic society.
Goals To promote common human and ethical values that contribute to strengthening cooperation and interfaith relations, eliminating mutual misconceptions about the 'other' and ultimately expanding these shared commonalities in the hope of promoting peaceful coexistence.
Approach It maintains relations with similarly concerned academic institutions in different parts of the world. The work of RIIFS involves research and publication, as well as the organization of lectures, conferences and workshops. RIIFS invites young scholars, on a selective basis, as visiting research associates, from Arab and other countries, to involve them in the work of the institute.
Structure board of trustees, support by donation and jordanian government
Scale Moderate
Scope Regional
Activity The RIIFS Arabic program focuses on the study and documentation of all subjects pertaining to Christianity and Muslim-Christian relations. Its quarterly publication, Al-Nashra, provides a forum for the discussion of interfaith issues, particularly as they relate to Arab and Islamic society. It also monitors the Arabic press for news and other material bearing on religious questions. The RIIFS English program addresses questions relating to religious and cultural diversity in the world at large, inviting international participation in its academic and other activities. Its yearly publication, Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (BRIIFS), is an academic journal refereed by internationally known scholars. BRIIFS is intended to provide a venue for interdisciplinary academic inquiry into all fields of the humanities and social sciences that bear on cultural or civilizational interaction and to situate culture contact in a global context. More recently, RIIFS has started publishing Muqābasāt Hadāriya, a biannual academic journal that features essays and articles in Arabic, as well as in English and other European languages.
Religion Secular
Words education, dialogue, bilateral
Acronym RIIFS
Contact PO Box 830562, Amman 11183, Jordan. Tel +962 6 5164141 Fax + 962 6 5164242