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Organization Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue
History At the request of Bishop Hickey of Rochester, five Sisters of St. Joseph, newly with their PhD's including graduate study at Oxford University and the Sorbonne, founded Nazareth College in 1924. Committed to academic excellence, these pioneering women inspired the first class of 25 young women to stretch to their potential. Nazareth College has grown to be the inclusive, non-denominational, comprehensive college.
City Rochester, New York
Values academic
Vision promotes scholarship and encourages strategies for living peacefully in a religiously diverse world
Mission to develop skills to clarify and improve individual and community-wide communications on matters of religion, faith, and spirituality. to understand individual and communal faiths. to establish methodology proper to our goals, and to develop the capacity for living in a pluralistic world.
Goals To establish an environment conducive to understanding the diversity of faiths in our world and community. To communicate the skills necessary for people of diverse faiths to live together in peace and justice. To provide educational resources to aid in establishing an environment of understanding and equality. To teach individuals, communities and institutions how to live and communicate more effectively with those from other religions and faith backgrounds.
Approach A variety of programs, seminars, workshops and book discussions. national and international outreach, certificate programs in world religions and interfaith studies.
Structure Executive and committees
Scale Medium
Scope International
Activity Certificate Programs, The Training of the Trainers, designed for teachers, leaders and the general public. The Next Generation, specifically intended for youth participants living together in our religiously diverse world.
Religion All-faith
Words community, education, youth, health
Acronym HCISD
Contact Golisano Academic Centre, 4245 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618, USA. 1-585-389-2963