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Organization The Institute of Interfaith Dialog
History Institute was established in 2002 as a 501-c-3 non-profit educational organization by Turkish-Americans.
City Houston, Texas
Values spiritual, faith
Vision inspired by the discourse and pioneering dialogue initiatives of the Turkish Muslim scholar, writer and educator Fethullah Gulen working to eliminate or reduce false stereotypes, prejudices and unjustified fears through direct human communication
Mission to help bring together communities in order to promote compassion, cooperation, partnership and community service through interfaith dialog and conversation.
Goals Encouraging the study of the global communities spiritual traditions from the vantage point of respect, accuracy and appreciation. To promote fully expressed dialogue within the global community. To maintain a stance for compassion and respect with regard to free expression of spirituality throughout communities. To help unite communities so that the spirituality of all individuals be heard in a space that is free of dogmatism, criticism, oppression, and fear. The Institute aims to eliminate or reduce false stereotypes, prejudices and unjustified fears through direct human communication.
Approach Promotes the study of world religions and spiritual faiths in order to gain wisdom and knowledge. By being in constant communication with other people who have different traditions from their own, we each have the opportunity to refine and appreciate our own beliefs and traditions.
Structure advisory board and branches in 6 states, Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma
Scale Medium
Scope National
Activity the Institute organizes academic and grass roots activities such as conferences, panels, symposia, interfaith family dinners and cultural exchange trips.
Religion Islam
Words dialogue, spirituality, community
Acronym IIDO
Contact 9301 W. Bellfort Ave.Houston TX 77031, USA