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Organization The Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries
History ChI was envisioned by clergy from a variety of faith traditions who saw a need for deeper Interfaith dialogue, and for building bridges of understanding across religious divides to bring peace and understanding to today's world. It was founded in 1999 by a group of clergy representing a variety of religious and spiritual paths.
City Berkeley, California
Values community, ministry
Vision An Interfaith perspective of mutual respect and harmonious living among people of all faith traditions
Mission To educate and empower people for Interfaith service and spiritual leadership. We teach from the understanding that 'Interfaith' can describe the way an individual is called to service and leadership, in addition to the way she or he understands their relationship to the Divine beyond the boundaries of any one religion or spiritual path.
Goals To bring new models of spiritual leadership and creative ministry to promote religious peace and understanding. Bridge religious schisms that divide our world to heal ourselves, each another, and this beautiful planet we call home.
Approach ChI prepares clergy to serve people of all faith traditions as well as those of no faith tradition through the delivery of religiously and spiritually inclusive educational and theological programs.
Structure As a place of worship, The Interfaith Congregation is one of two distinct entities of The Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries. The second entity is the The Interfaith Seminary, which prepares people for Interfaith ministry, many of whom then ordain with The Interfaith Congregation.
Scale Moderate
Scope USA
Activity ChI currently has two The Interfaith Ordination Program and the Spiritual Direction Certificate Program. Individuals who complete the program may choose between ordination as an Interfaith Minister and commissioning as an Interfaith Chaplain. The program encourages applications from students of all professional and religious backgrounds. The teaching staff combines core and guest faculty.
Religion Christian, all-faith
Words education, interfaith minister
Acronym ChI
Contact 1400 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 14, Berkeley, CA 94709. USA. Tel. +1-510-843-1422, toll-free +855-CHAPLAINCY