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Organization Temple of Understanding
History TOU was founded in 1960 by Juliet Hollister (d. 2000) out of her understanding that the world was in great danger unless the different faiths could work together for positive social change. In 1968 it held its first Spiritual Summit, with Fr. Thomas Merton in attendance. These Summits began to focus on specific world problems like intolerance, injustice and religious persecution. In 1996 TOU established the Juliet Hollister Awards to honor religious figures who incorporate interfaith values into their religious programming and secular figures who promote greater understanding of spiritual values, and towards world community - the human family as one.
City New York, New York
Values Religious, Social action
Vision A world where the gifts, wisdom and insights of religious traditions are recognised and cultivated to promote positive social change.
Mission TOUs mission is to provide interfaith education and advocacy.
Goals To educate youth and adults both cross culturally and inter-religiously for global 
citizenship and peaceful coexistence. To advocate acceptance and respect for religious pluralism by the worlds governing bodies.
Approach Educate: experiential and academic programs, lectures and workshops, cultural performances, interfaith events. Advocate: cross-discipline collaborations, UN initiatives, interreligious and intercultural dialogue, local and global networks. Lead: committee of religious NGOs at the UN, consultation for interfaith education, educators network, Gandhi-King-Chavez Season for Non-Violence at the UN, interfaith leadership development.
Structure Founded as a Spiritual United Nations, with a board, council, international chapters and staff.
Scale Medium
Scope International
Activity Religious Diversity and Lecture Series: Faith in Action, Consultation for Interfaith Education, Interfaith Experience, The Juliet Hollister Awards. UN Programs such as the Interfaith Consortium for Ecological Civilization, Interfaith Visionaries in Action. Youth Programs in interfaith, dialogue, education and action (IDEA)
Religion Secular
Words Cross cultural, interfaith, education, environment, dialogue
Acronym TOU
Contact 777 United Nations Plaza, Office 3E, New York, NY 10017, USA. Tel. +1-212-914-610-5146