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Organization Rumi Forum
History RF was founded in 1999 by the Turkish Hizmet [Service to Humanity] Movement, also known as the Gulen Movement, named after the Turkish Islamic scholar, author, poet and advocate of education Fethullah Gulen (b. 1941). The Movement, which according to Wikipedia has anywhere from one to eight million members worldwide, is especially active in education, with approximately 1,000 schools globally, many offering free instruction to the poor. Although the movement is not without its critics, the Center for Inter-religious Understanding director, the Rabbi Jack Bemporad, states in the Wikipedia article on Gulen that the Gulen movement aims to create a more peaceful world and invites all people to unity.
City Washington DC, USA
Values Respect and genuine concern for the spiritual quality and welfare of life.
Vision To facilitate dialogue by promoting love to transform hate, understanding to prevent misinterpretation, flexibility against rigidity, and, above all, tolerance to overcome bigotry.
Mission To foster interfaith and intercultural dialogue, stimulate thinking and exchange of opinions on supporting and fostering democracy and peace all over the world and to provide a common platform for education and information exchange.
Goals The principal goal of the Rumi Forum is to promote peace in the world and contribute to a peaceful coexistence of the adherents of different faiths, cultures, ethnicities and races.
Approach We promote education, exchange of information, opinions and expertise, with a special focus on including as diverse a range of viewpoints as possible in our activities.
Structure Board of Directors, advisory board, office staff.
Scale Larger
Scope International
Activity Conferences, seminars, panel discussions, common projects, scholarships, publications, meetings, trips and several other activities. RF has chapters in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina, but it is primarily active in Washington, DC. Ambassadors Speaking presents the thoughts of both U.S. and foreign ambassadors on current world-affairs topics. Washington events and conferences. Rumi Peace and Dialogue awards, International Conference of The Gulen Movement plus projects. Center for Interfaith & Intercultural Dialogue. Turkey links. Website.
Religion Sufi,
Words dialogue, inter-culture, respect
Acronym RF
Contact 1150 17th Street, NW, Suite 408, Washington, DC 20036, USA. Tel. +1-202-429-1690 Fax. +1-202-747-2919