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Organization Religions for Peace
History In 1961 a small group of senior religious leaders began discussing the idea of holding a religious summit to address the need for believers around the world to take action toward achieving peace. The First World Conference of Religions for Peace was held in Kyoto, Japan, October 16 – 21, 1970. Since then there have been seven more such World Assemblies.
City New York, New York
Values Religious
Vision Its goal of world peace through interreligious collaboration.
Mission the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious coalition—advances common action among the world’s religious communities for peace.
Goals Transform violent conflict, promote just and harmonious societies, advance human development, protect the Earth.
Approach RFP brings together key religious leaders every five years in its World Assembly to discuss the main issues of the times. Another strategy is through an International Secretariat in New York, regional conferences in Europe and Asia, over 75 national affiliates and some local units. The concept is that local and national groups will meet and undertake projects in the interim between the major international gatherings twice a decade.
Structure The global Religions for Peace network comprises a World Council of senior religious leaders from all regions of the world, six regional inter-religious bodies and more than seventy national ones, and the Global Women of Faith Network and Global Youth Network.
Scale Large
Scope International
Activity World assemblies, declarations and inititives. There are initiatives concerned with the welfare of children. The Global Youth Network, established at the 2006 World Youth Assembly in Hiroshima, Japan, harnesses the energy and commitment of religious youth leaders all over the world to advance the mission of multi-religious cooperation for peace. The Women’s Mobilization Program was established in 1998 to advance the role of religious women in international development, peace-making and post-conflict reconstruction. The Faith-based Organizations Forum on Multi-religious Cooperation for Humanitarian Relief, Development and Peace, known as the FBO Forum, is a loosely structured (informal) network of organizations.
Religion All-faith
Words religion, collaboration, respect
Acronym RFP
Contact International Office 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA. Tel. +1-212-687-2163 Fax. +1-212-983-0098