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Organization Institute for Interreligious Dialogue
History The Farsi language content is much more extensive. The english website refers to issues such as religious dialogue, religious leadership and environment, buddhist theology, comparing religions, meeting of the IID with assyrian christians. 2009 IIDs message on the occasion of the World Day of Press Freedom.
City Tehran, Iran
Values Tolerance
Vision To open the hearts and minds of the predominantly Shiite Iranian public to learning about and interacting in a non-judgmental way with Iranians of other faiths.
Mission IID strives to help participants understand other religions without losing faith in their own.
Goals IID aims to create a world in which rational tolerance will make it possible for different religions to co-exist within a single country so that their respective adherents can talk and cooperate on common points.
Approach Through interreligious dialogues among thinkers and researchers and through disseminating objective information on the different faiths, or in the words of the website, information far from any prejudice and unpleasant thoughts, IID intends to enhance the insight of Iranian society toward religious researches and interreligious dialogue.
Structure no information available
Scale Moderate
Scope Iran
Activity Conferences. Offers a Calendar of Zoroastrian, Jewish, Assyrian and Armenian Official Holidays in Iran, which, in addition to being a calendar, offers brief relevant explanation[s] of the four religious traditions and the holidays in question. IID also has a library of 4,000 books on religion, sponsors a book-translation program and offers foreign-language classes for Iranian students of religion.
Religion Islam
Words inter-religious, education, research, youth
Acronym IID
Contact 38, Taheri Street, Valieasr Street, Karaj, Tehran, Iran. Tel. +098 0212040340 Fax. +098 0212053355