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Organization The Fetzer Institute
History The founder, John Earl Fetzer (1901-1991), was keenly interested in the relationship between the inner and outer life. An electrical engineer, he built his first radio station in 1931. Over time he created a Michigan based pan US broadcasting empire and later bought the Detroit Tigers. In 1954 he established the Fetzer Foundation as a grant-making organisation. By the mid-1980s Mr. Fetzer used the proceeds from sales of his business and the baseball team to further his charitable work, which included Helping Heal the Whole Person and the Whole World, a 1988 conference which attracted 1,000 participants from 38 countries.
City Kalamazoo, Michigan
Values Peace, social action
Vision Love and forgiveness are powerful forces that can transform the human condition and to deepen the understanding and practice of love and forgiveness in the world among individuals and communities.
Mission FI works to deepen the understanding and practice of love and forgiveness in the world among individuals and communities
Goals Greater civility in our public lives, who seek a return to sharing human connections through community, who exhibit an openness to love, forgiveness, and compassion, and who hunger for deeper and more meaningful relationships. To help improve the human condition by increasing conscious awareness of the relationship between this inner and outer life. This desire is central to the world's religious and wisdom traditions.
Approach In collaboration with Advisory Councils, we seek to understand the motivations and preconditions of exemplary cases of love and forgiveness in the world. From these examples, we develop projects to grow an even greater awareness of love and forgiveness in action in individual and community life.
Structure Trustees, executives and staff.
Scale Larger
Scope International
Activity Participating in 17 World Religions and Spirituality projects located across the world including..  Cultivating Love and Forgiveness in China, Campers Venture Out for Understanding, Interfaith Encounters Build Common Ground, UK Museum of World Religions Planned, Building a Charter for Forgiveness, Reaping from the Garden of Forgiveness, Camp, Conference Bring Muslim-Buddhist Understanding, An Open House to Understanding, Giving Peace a Chance: 10 Years of the Global Peace Initiative of Women, Broadening "All-Denominational" Chautauqua, Stories of Faith: A Doorway to Interreligious Appreciation.
Religion Secular
Words forgiveness, peace, love, action
Acronym FI
Contact 9292 West KL Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49009-9398, USA. Tel. +1-269-375-2000