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Organization Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values
History founded in 2001, by three business people who were inspired by the message and work of Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp.
City The Hague, The Netherlands
Values universal principle, which in the Jewish faith is expressed in the imperative of tikkun olam, repairing a world that is broken, for those in need, for ourselves and our future
Vision of a movement based on the peaceful and compassionate collaboration of people from different religions, cultures, countries and sectors of society that galvanizes individuals and countries to create just and sustainable communities in which the divine in all of us and in all creation is revered, respected and cherished.
Mission to protect the earth, work towards social and economic justice, build peace and foster reconciliation. To promote inter-faith and inter-generational dialogue and improve the lives of children worldwide
Goals To strive to be an inspiration, a call to action, and to act as a catalyst, multiplier and connector. building the bridges that will enable us all to arrive at a more just, sustainable, and peaceful future.
Approach enabling and supporting initiatives associated with Rabbi Soetendorp
Structure supported by donation
Scale Medium
Scope Global
Activity the Earth Charter and the Earth Charter Initiative, of which he was one of the drafters and founding members when it was launched in 2000. Dag van Respect (Day of Respect) Foundation in 2006, created to promote respect among the members of Dutch society in general and amongst the youth specifically: respect for ones self, for other people and for the world and the environment. The program takes place in schools and is based on a curriculum which surrounds the day itself on which well known people from all parts of Dutch society volunteer as guest teachers in schools around the country.
Religion Judaism
Words peace, community, justice, earth
Acronym JSIHV
Contact Postbus 710, 2501 CS, The Hague The Netherlands