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Organization The Pluralism Project at Harvard University
History 1990, Dr.Diana Eck taught a Harvard course on World Religions in New England. Out of it came the book World Religions in Boston A Guide to Communities and Resources. 1991 PP was formed to do similar research across the country. December 1996 the Pluralism website was launched. 2005 four research initiatives were launched, the interfaith initiative, (looking at the growing interfaith movement), the civic Initiative, (investigating the practical challenges of religious pluralism), the Womens Initiative, (examining womens religious leadership) and the International Initiative, (expanding Pluralism research to other democracies).
City Cambridge, Massachusetts
Values academic, social engagement
Vision To help bring about positive American pluralism.
Mission Our mission is to help Americans engage with the realities of religious diversity through research, outreach, and the active dissemination of resources.
Goals PP works to (1) document and better understand the changing contours of religion in America, (2) study the diverse religious communities themselves, (3) explore the implications of America’s new plurality through case studies of particular cities and towns, and (4) discern the emerging meanings, challenges, and opportunities of America’s new religious contours for developing a public commitment to pluralism.
Approach Providing high value resources facilitating connecting and understanding for all faiths in the United States.
Structure Advisory board, staff, senior staff leadership on projects, major donors.
Scale Larger
Scope USA
Activity Research on civic and public issues. Research on interfaith. Developing a listing of international resources for religious pluralism and the womens networks initiative. Boston workshop helps Christian ministers develop tools for work in a multireligious American city. Case Study Initiative looks at how the case-study method can be applied to class discussions of religious encounters. Interfaith Infrastructure studies the emerging interfaith landscape in light of citizenship and leadership.
Religion Secular
Words pluralism engage civic research interfaith
Acronym PP
Contact Harvard University, 2 Arrow Street, 4th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138. Tel. +1-617-496-2481 Fax. +1-617-496-2428