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Organization Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies
History founded in 1987 in Baltimore, Maryland, by an interfaith group of clergy and lay leaders.
City Baltimore, Maryland
Values academic, civic
Vision emerged out of the conviction that centuries of religious ignorance, fear, and hostility could be disarmed through deliberate, interfaith study and conversation.
Mission seeks to advance interreligious dialogue and understanding through scholarship, adult education, and serious examination of the issues that create religious tensions, by shaping a new relationship between Christians and Jews, the ICJS addresses the contemporary challenges of religious pluralism.
Goals re-examine the meaning of our religious assumptions, particularly about the other, challenge the theological distortions and misconceptions that have contributed to the historical conflict between Christians and Jews, develop resources within our respective communities that inspire both to honour the legitimacy and distinctiveness of the other.
Approach through careful and in-depth studies of sacred writings and traditions, ICJ enables scholars, educators, clergy, seminarians, and lay people to: disarm religious hatred by confronting religious sources of misunderstanding and developing new strategies to correct these distortions,  promote understandings of other religious traditions, particularly of Islam, the third Abrahamic tradition. create new educational models and public forums that explore the interplay of core religious beliefs, values and practices within the public sphere.
Structure board and staff
Scale Medium
Scope Regional
Activity has developed and offered over eighty-five distinctive educational programs for clergy, religious educators, college students, business and community leaders, and the general public. These programs explore, among other topics, the roots of intolerance and violence within our religious traditions and develop the educational resources to neutralize these dangerous habits. In addition to confronting the anti-Semitic dispositions enshrined within the Christian community, the ICJS has increasingly directed its attention to the larger context of religious pluralism, including the complex challenges of Islam.
Religion Secular
Words education, dialogue, bilateral
Acronym ICJS
Contact 956 Dulaney Valley Road Baltimore, Maryland, 21204. USA. 1 410.494.7161 Fax 1 410.494.7169