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Organization International Academy for Interfaith Studies
History Academy founded in 2009 by Rev. Drs. Thomas D. and Cynthia E. Lynch to provide training in interfaith studies.
City San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Values Academic
Vision IAIS envisions a better, more peaceful world through greater understanding of diverse religions, the work of interfaith ministers and people-to-people help across faiths.
Mission provides training to enhance knowledge about world religions, for those who wish to become Interfaith Ministers, and to become more effective at helping other people.
Goals Exploring the Many Paths.
Approach An academic institution, IAIS strives to achieve its mission through topic-relevant coursework and training programs for individuals wishing to become interfaith ministers, nonprofit administrators and spiritual counselors.
Structure President and board plus academic staff. The Academy is a nonprofit corporation in the United States, and an Asociacion Civil called ACADEMIA INTERNACIONAL DE LAS VERDADES UNIVERSALES in Mexico.
Scale Moderate
Scope Mexico
Activity To become an interfaith minister, one must take four sub-programs of two courses each and participate in two short summer retreats over two academic years. Courses are (1) Introduction to Interfaith Studies Comparative Eastern Religions, Comparative Western Religions, (2) Advanced Interfaith Studies Religious Issues, Spiritual Wisdom, (3) Knowledge Significant to Religion, Philosophy, Ethics and (4) Practical Knowledge for Religion Psychology, Religious Practices. Upon successful completion of all the requirements, the student is ordained an Interfaith Minister.
Religion All-faith
Words education, research, ministry
Acronym IAIS
Contact Border Crossing Box 81B, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico. Tel. +52-415-154-5254