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Organization Global Peace Initiative of Women
History Has its beginnings in the process that led up to the first summit of religious leaders held at the United Nations in New York in 2000, the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders. During the planning for that summit, it became clear that very few of the religious leaders invited to speak at the UN would be women. And indeed this was the case. During the Summit, the political and institutional issues surrounding religion came into play. In frustration, the women came together and called for a followup meeting to focus on what they had come to the UN to do – to explore how they could contribute to reconciliation and healing in areas of conflict and tension. This meeting took place two years later at the Palais des Nations in Geneva with over 600 women from over 70 countries, and from this summit the Global Peace Initiative of Women was formed.
City New York, New York
Values Feminine, Peace
Vision A global network of contemplative leaders who through their inner work can help transform the causes and conditions that lead to suffering at both the individual and collective level.
Mission To help manifest the special qualities of the Divine Feminine, or Shakti, which enables the inner transformation now required for us to meet the challenges facing the Earth community of life.
Goals Upliftment of the world. Uncovering the deeper origins and impacts of conflict, and to learn how best to address these. Collective peace through personal transformation. Bring GPIW's inclusive and spiritually-based model to bear on the pressing global ecological and economic crises, .. linked to the possibilities for a balanced world.
Approach GPIW gathers together persons of great insight, wisdom, compassion and dedication who are already working quietly for the upliftment of the world. GPIWs major approach is to develop a network of contemplative leaders to help transform the causes and conditions that lead to suffering at both the individual and collective level.
Structure Board of Directors, advisory board, project directors
Scale Larger
Scope International
Activity (1) dialogues with women in conflict areas, (2) programs cultivating spiritual resources in youth and (3) interreligious and interspiritual exchanges focusing on oneness, interdependence and compassion.
Religion Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Judaism
Words women, peace, transformation
Acronym GPIW
Contact 301 E. 57th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10022, USA. Tel. +1-212-593-5877 EFax +646-792-3871