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Organization The Interfaith Alliance
History Interfaith Alliance was created in 1994 to celebrate religious freedom and to challenge the bigotry and hatred arising from religious and political extremism infiltrating American politics. Today, Interfaith Alliance has 185,000 members across the country made up of 75 faith traditions as well as those of no faith tradition.
City Washington DC, USA
Values Faith and freedom
Vision America characterized by religious freedom, where individual rights and matters of conscience are held sacred, religious and political extremists do not threaten individual liberty and democracy and religious and cultural difference is a cause for celebration and part of what makes for a vibrant community.
Mission To celebrate religious freedom by championing individual rights, promoting policies that protect both religion and democracy, and uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism.
Goals To ensure that faith and freedom flourish so that individuals can worship freely or not worship at all, so they can embrace matters of personal conscience without fear of government intrusion, and so that all can live in a vibrant, healthy society.
Approach InterFaith Alliance keeps its membership focused on issues it deems important is by sharing regular press releases and statements by its president. These appear online as often as the situation requires. IA headquarters, in the nations capital, works primarily to give support and guidance to local independent Interfaith Alliances.
Structure Membership organization, funding through the torchbearer giving program.
Scale Larger
Scope USA
Activity National Policy. We promote legislation that protects the boundaries between religion and government, so that politics doesn't infringe on your faith and matters of faith don't infringe on your freedom. Grass-Roots Activism. Our local affiliates mobilize individuals on the grass-roots level to make a difference in their own communities. We offer a forum to challenge bigotry and defend religious freedom on local issues, including candidate education, religion in the public sphere, and interfaith relations. Election. We help religious leaders and politicians navigate the boundary between politics and religion in a way that safeguards the separation of church and state. Education. We facilitate interfaith dialogue to enhance mutual understanding and respect for religious differences.
Religion All faith
Words freedom, faith, rights
Acronym IFA
Contact 1212 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 1250, Washington, DC 20005, USA. Tel. +1-202-238-3300, toll-free +800-510-0969