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Organization Tantur Ecumenical Institute
History Great Schism of 1054. October 1963 non-Catholic observers at the Second Vatican Council meetings told Pope Paul VI of their desire for an international ecumenical institute for theological and pastoral studies. After the Popes 1964 pilgrimage to the Holy Land, the Vatican purchased land in Jerusalem with the intention of having such an institute established there. The land was leased for 50 years to Notre Dame University in the USA and in 1971 the University opened a spacious institute in Israel.
City Jerusalem, Israel
Values Ecumenical, academic, rights
Vision A world of harmony and unity among the various forms of Christianity, good relations among all religious bodies and their respective adherents and peace and justice.
Mission Assist the search for Christian unity and interchurch harmony among diverse Christian communions.
Goals Seek a broader and deeper understanding of each other's faith and traditions, ethics and social witness, liturgies and pieties. Explore the relationships between Christians and peoples of other world faiths, especially Jews and Muslims. Participate in the search for world peace and justice, through theological study and through exploring human rights and conflict resolution in different religious and social contexts.
Approach Offers shorter and longer academic programs of theological study in which human rights and conflict resolution are explored in different religious and social contexts.
Structure Vatican purchased the property and leased it to Notre Dame University in December, 1967. It has an indepenedent administration.
Scale Medium
Scope International
Activity Tantur offers a variety of continuous education programs and Sabbatical programs for anyone seeking to encounter this complex land we call holy. Each program includes a variety of lectures and excursions designed to introduce participants to its geography, history, complex religious life, local people and the Bible.
Religion Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican, Catholic
Words peace, unity, ecumenics, education
Acronym TEI
Contact P.O. Box 11381, 91113 Jerusalem-Gilo, Israel. Tel. +972-2-676-09-11 Fax. +972-2-676-09-14