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Organization Interfaith Encounter Association
History Interfaith dialogue was established in Israel in the late 1950′s by a small group including Martin Buber, but despite decades of commendable interfaith activities in the country, there clearly remained an urgent need to supplement existing interfaith efforts through new strategies to draw larger numbers of individuals into the circle of interfaith dialogue. In this context, a group of concerned longtime interfaith activists formed the Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA).
City Jerusalem, Israel
Values Peace
Vision Society in which the otherness of the other is not only accepted, but truly understood and respected.
Mission IEA is dedicated to promoting peace in the Middle East through interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural study in the belief that religion can and should be a source of the solution for conflicts that exist in the region and beyond.
Goals In places around Israel to demonstrate how multiple faiths can live side by side in peace while becoming growing islands of co-existence communities.
Approach IEA is guided by the following principles and practices (1) equal representation of all faiths, (2) gender equality, (3) universal outreach to all faiths, age groups, professional and socioeconomic backgrounds, (4) outreach across the religious-secular divide and the political spectrum, (5) continual recruitment of both local and regional activists, (6) use of interactive programs, including weekend seminars and study groups, (7) ongoing development of improved interactive models and (8) continual evaluation of all programs and strategies.
Structure Executive board, international advisory council.
Scale Moderate
Scope International
Activity Womens Interfaith Encounters (WIE) brings Muslim, Christian, Druze and Jewish women together monthly to discover shared values and challenges through presentations, study groups and discussion of a particular topic or tradition. Youth Interfaith Encounters (YIE) is similar except that they are run by young people for young people. Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue (IPD), carried on cautiously, in carefully selected locations, has the objective of building peace between the two nations through non-political conversations on a people-to-people level. These meetings and conferences are arranged in cooperation with Palestinian organisations.
Religion Judaism, Islam
Words peace, encounter, dialogue, women, youth
Acronym IEA
Contact P.O. Box 3814 (12 Haarazim Street, Entrance 34), Jerusalem 91037, Israel. Tel. +972-2-651-0520 Fax. +972-2-651-0557