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Organization Inter-religious Council of Uganda
History Established in 2001, IRCU is affiliated to the World Council of Religions for Peace (WCRP) and the African Council of Religious Leaders (ACRL).
City Kampala, Uganda
Values Solidarity, Peaceful co-existence, Upholding all the ethical values enshrined in the scriptures of the member communities of the Inter Religious Council of Uganda.
Vision A divinely peaceful, united, prosperous Uganda where all people enjoy full health and freedoms for the common good.
Mission To promote peace, reconciliation, good governance, and holistic human development through interfaith action and collaboration, advocating for the empowerment of member bodies for the common good.
Goals Advocate and promote health, non-violence, peaceful coexistence and respect for human rights. Promote holistic education, peaceful coexistence, moral and spiritual integrity, social-economic welfare and collaborative action through sharing knowledge and resources for the common good.
Approach Representativity: Recognize and respect the role of religious institutions and their structures in carrying out IRCU work. Subsidiarity: Recognize that local and national decisions and actions can be taken at the respective levels. Consistency: Ensure that member religious communities are consistently represented from the highest to the lowest level. IRCU shall not be a forum for conversion, or proselytisation or religious debate.
Structure The IRCU Consultative Assembly brings together all the Bishops of the Uganda Catholic Church, the District Khadis of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, Bishops of the Province of the Church of Uganda (Anglican), all the Deans of the Uganda Orthodox Church, the Fields and Presidents of the Uganda Union of Seventh-day Adventist Church and Representatives of the Pentecostal Churches. It is through the country wide structures of these member organizations and other independent faith-based-organizations that IRCU programs are implemented.
Scale Medium
Scope Uganda
Activity HIV/AIDS program. Orphans and Vulnerable children program. Breaking Barriers Project. Clinical Services. Star East Project. Peace, Human Rights and Good Governance.
Religion Christian, Muslim, Adventist
Words peace, transformation, justice
Acronym IRCU
Contact Plot 884, Centenary Road, Namirembe Hill, P.O.Box 7502 Kampala,Uganda