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Organization InterFaith Centre for Sustainable Development
History founded as an NGO in 2010, now the largest interfaith environmental organization in the Middle East.
City Jerusalem, Israel
Values Unites faith communities, teachers and leaders to promote co-existence, peace, and sustainability
Vision Sustainable human society
Mission Works to catalyze a transition to a sustainable human society through the active leadership of faith communities
Goals To provide thought-leadership on environment and ecology to faith-based communities and beyond through our writing, speaking, teaching and advocacy
Approach our collection of reports, articles, course and syllabus collections, blog, and other resources provide a unique access point for leaders and followers of faith-based communities alike to explore the connections between their tradition and contemporary environmental issues.
Structure registered as a non-profit organization in Israel (amuta), and is fiscally sponsored in the U.S. by Jumpstart, a registered 501(c)3. Current supporters include The Julia Burke Foundation (US), the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany), the British Shalom/Salaam Trust (England), the Pratt Foundation (Australia), the German Embassy in Israel, the Anne Frank Funds, and private donors.
Scale Larger
Scope Regional
Activity the Seminary Faith and Ecology Project promotes Christian, Muslim, and Jewish seminary education on faith and ecology. By focusing on the formation of the education and values of emerging clergy and faith leaders, ICSD seeks to create a multiplier effect that will spread to the student future communities and congregations. Runs courses in seminaries in North America, Rome, and the Holy Land. the Women’s Interfaith Ecology Project brings together young Christian, Muslim, and Jewish women in Jerusalem through workshops and events aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, strengthening trans-community relations, and overcoming religious differences. the Faith and Science Earth Alliance engages the world’s principal religion and science leaders,  teleconferencing, conferences and momentous meetings, the project produces valuable content with which to engage the public.  Video content from these meetings, disseminated via social media and news outlets has proven to be effective in promoting public awareness, political will, policy, and action. Interfaith Environmental Conferences and Events.
Religion Judaism, Christian, Islam
Words Ecology, Environment, Sustain
Acronym ICSD
Contact P.O. Box 28156 Jerusalem, 9128101, Israel. Tel. +972-054-723-4973 US Tel. +1-973-433-3322
Email using the website contact page