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Organization Inter Religious Federation for World Peace
History Founded in 1991 by Sun Myung Moon of Korea to bring under a single administration 14 years of global efforts for peace through interreligious dialogue, in a far reaching array of organizations, projects, and initiatives. Activities ranged from highest levels of scholarly and theological dialogue, emergency, peace summits among leaders from areas of global level war and conflict, publications, and education and service learning for young leaders. IRFWP continued with strong success on this foundation until its efforts became subsumed under various successor organizations first in 1999, and fully so by 2003.
City Sunnyside, New York
Values Peace
Vision Once religions have learned to live and work together, they should be better able to address and resolve the worlds toughest problems, including the establishment of a peaceful world, sustainable development and the protection of the environment, education and literacy, shared prosperity and human welfare among all people and the establishment of strong families and moral societies.
Mission Help bring religions into harmony to resolve the worlds toughest challenges, including the establishment of global peace.
Goals A world in which religions can bring their respective treasures to bear upon advancing substantially the realisation of enduring peace.
Approach IRFWP works to foster active, substantial cooperation among the leaders and members of the worlds religions. Specifically, it helps these individuals see the world as one humanity beyond the boundaries of their respective faith communities and other boundaries such as nation and race.
Structure no information
Scale Moderate
Scope International
Activity Negotiation and conflict resolution. Conferences and dialogue among and within religions. Interfaith service and social relief projects for young people. Books and periodical literature.
Religion Secular
Words inter-religious, conflict-resolution, dialogue
Acronym IRFWP
Contact 42-09 47th Avenue, Suite 4K, Sunnyside, NY 11104. Tel. +1-646-220-8281