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Organization Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore
History registered 18 March 1949. IRO has worked quietly to promote peace and religious harmony in Singapore, and participated in local and international forums to learn more about what is being done in the region to promote religious harmony.
City Singapore, Singapore
Values religious harmony and understanding in Singapore
Vision no vision statement info
Mission To strengthen religious harmony through mutual tolerance, confidence, respect and understanding.
Goals To inculcate the spirit if friendship and cooperation among the leaders and followers of different religions. To improve the conditions of the adherents of different religions in generally accepted moral principles. To organise by lawful and peaceful means a movement to eradicate the common evils prevailing among the mankind. To work for the achievement of peace and goodwill among mankind. To promote mutual respect, assistance and protection among the adherents of different religions. To conduct prayers and meditation for the well being of mankind as often as possible and convenient. To promote in every way comity and cooperation among the followers of different religions for the good of mankind. To organise public lectures, study groups, radio and television publicity in an effort to familiarise the public with the objectives of the Organisation.
Approach no research info
Structure 31 member, 10 faith council
Scale Moderate
Scope National
Activity Seminars and public talks, inter-faith prayer services, inter-faith fellowship, books, events
Religion Secular
Words education, inter-culture, respect
Acronym IRO
Contact Palmer House, 70 Palmer Rd 05-01/02 Singapore 079427