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Organization Humanitys Team
History Started through the inspiration of the American spiritual writer Neale Donald Walsch. In June 2003 the Conversations with God Foundation held a seminal three-day conference near Portland, Oregon and nearly 1,000 people from six continents attended. In 2004 HT became an NGO.
City Fort Collins, Colorado
Values Social action, spirituality
Vision To wake people to their true identity their Oneness with God, with each other and with all life.
Mission To change hearts and minds which in turn will change behaviour
Goals Global grassroots spiritual movement
Approach HT calls its global grassroots campaign A Civil Rights Movement for the Soul. Its assumption is that consciousness-raising on a global level to the reality that we are all one is the one idea that truly changes everything. HTs intention is thus to awaken the world to Oneness in a generation, so children will grow up in a very different [and by implication, better] world.
Structure Council of Trustees, a WorldWide Coordinating Director, a WorldWide Support Team, a Core Team and a Global Council. The Coordinating Director, together with the WorldWide Support Team, guides the movement day-to-day processes, programs and decision making. The supervisory Council of Trustees ensures Humanitys Team stays focused on achieving its ends. Everyone else works on the means to achieve them.
Scale Moderate
Scope International
Activity Global Oneness Day, unconditional love tours, Oneness Summits in various locations (for example, Argentina in 2008, South Africa in 2009, and New York City in 2010), and annual Spiritual Leadership Awards.
Religion All-faith
Words inter-religious, education, spirituality
Acronym HT
Contact P.O. Box 58, Fort Collins, CO 80522, USA. Tel. +1-970-672-0017