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Organization Centre for the Study of World Religions
History A generous gift to Harvard Divinity School (HDS) .. intended to "help Harvard University maintain graduate and undergraduate courses in the religions of the world, to train teachers in this field, to give ministers a sympathetic appreciation of other religions, and to stimulate undergraduate interest in the religions of the world." The Center began with the appointment of Robert H. L. Slater, a scholar of Buddhism, as its first director. Within two years of Slater's arrival, construction of the CSWR building at 42 Francis Avenue was complete.
City Cambridge, MA. USA
Values Academic
Vision As an integral part of Harvard Divinity School
Mission to promote the study of the world's religions in their classical and historical forms, drawing on traditional and contemporary disciplines of learning; to promote understanding of the complex roles that religions play in today's cultures, economies, and political structures; to foster community of life and intellectual exchange.
Goals By its resources and programming the Center supports, focuses, and enhances the School’s mission, with respect to research, teaching, and community.
Approach By particular interest in the historical and contemporary interrelationships among religions, and the theological, philosophical, comparative, political, and ethical challenges facing religious communities and those who study them today.
Structure no structure info
Scale Larger
Scope Global
Activity Education programs. Sponsorship. Faculty grants. Research appointees. Wide network of affiliations through its links with the Divinity School, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard's professional Schools, and institutes and universities in the United States and abroad.
Religion Secular
Words academic, dialogue, community
Acronym CSWR
Contact 42 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138. USA. Phone: 617.495.4495 Fax: 617.496.5411