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Organization World Council of Interfaith Congregations
History On September 24, 2009, CIC-USA and OIIM signed a letter of intent to co-create a World Council of Interfaith Congregations. Both organisations committed to include as many interfaith congregations as possible from around the world in this creation process. At present other countries involved include Mexico, The Netherlands, Eire, The United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
City Washington DC, USA
Values spiritual
Vision To create, nurture and sustain the opportunities for everyone to have a place of worship, community and service that allows them freedom of spiritual expression with scope to create inclusive places.
Mission To be the administrative and ecclesiastical home for independent interfaith / multifaith churches, congregations and seminaries in the USA. It is the ecclesiastic home for Interfaith as a spiritual expression.
Goals Interfaith as a spiritual expression. 'May peace and love be with you and fill you as you find your true path of spiritual expression... Respectfully'
Approach As an ecclesiastical body for spiritual people of all faiths to be a bridge that brings credibility and accreditation to those who want to serve the world spiritually.
Structure Leadership is elected by the member congregations to the Board of Directors and board representatives are elected to the officer positions of the association. The Council of Interfaith Congregations of the United States (CIC-USA), with the Open International Interfaith Ministries of Canada (OIIM), the International Academy of Interfaith Studies in Mexico and interfaith congregations in Europe are collaborating to create an international NGO, (W)CIC.
Scale Medium
Scope International
Activity The greater community of OUnI is made of a single ecclesiastic body (OUnI) and different autonomous non-ecclesiastic communities that add to the vision of creating inclusive places for spiritual expression for all.
Religion All-faith
Words interfaith, dialogue, community, congregation, seminary, expression
Acronym WCIC
Contact 704 Airport Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108. USA.