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Organization Coexister
History An initiative of Samuel Grzybowski of January 14, 2009 became a 1901 association in September 2009. Coexister emerged from Interreligious Dialogue Paris,15th (arrondissement). Samuel participates as a schoolboy and college student and his experiences lead him to conceptualize and initiate a meeting space for young people of all religions.
City Paris, France
Values Social: Living-Together, Secularism. Principles of Identity, Otherness, Sincerity
Vision diversity in faith, unity in action
Mission an Interfaith Youth Movement of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists and Agnostics dedicated as such to living together, secularism, brotherhood. Acting together for civic solidarity, in the service of members of society regardless of culture or religion.
Goals through social cohesion and togetherness. to defend the principle of coexistence and act to counter religious discrimination.
Approach Dialogue, Acting together, Awareness, Training, Travel. The essential dimension is interfaith dialogue through inter-personal encounter. In this way young people learn to know, to understand the religion of the other, and to discover their own religion.
Structure Active groups across France. Hundreds of young members. The development of local groups has become a priority to make Coexist a true national movement based on group life at the local level. With support from a number of partners, local initiatives and religion and peace organizations.
Scale Medium
Scope Global
Activity Interfaith Tour across the world 2013/14. Presenting for universities, schools, institutions and business on approaches to respect and diversity. Pioneer inter-religious training by and for young people.
Religion Judaism, Islam, Christian
Words dialogue, youth, social
Acronym CoEx
Contact 104 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris, France