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Organization International Committee for the Peace Council
History The Peace Councilors met for the first time in November, 1995. They agreed on a statement of purpose and commitment.
City Madison, Wisconsin
Values Non-violence and reverence for all life. of shared responsibility and just society. of mutuality in the face of diversity, through right relationships and integrity. of partnership and equal opportunity between women and men, between the generations, and among the world's peoples and cultures. of ecological interdependence and sustainable relationships between humans, Earth, and all living beings.
Vision in a world where religion too often is used to justify division, hatred, and violence and very seldom used to relieve these problems the Peace Councilors offer an example of religious leaders working effectively together to relieve suffering and make the world whole.
Mission to demonstrate that peace and that effective inter-religious collaboration to make peace is possible.
Goals Moribund 2012. Formerly to build bridges among all beings through the message of non-violence, compassion, human rights, and universal responsibility, individual and collective. We acknowledge our many failures and the frequent abuse of religion, but we celebrate its power to heal, to educate, to enlighten, and to transform.
Approach The first commitment is to listen and to learn. Peace Council actions or programs should respond to what trusted local peacemakers know will work best. In many cases the Council's first act in a place where people are suffering may be simply what Archbishop Romero called 'accompaniment and presence', planting seeds of hope and strength.
Structure As a charity. A volunteer board of trustees called the International Committee for the Peace Council, administers the programs of the Peace Council. There is a full-time staff of three persons. The Peace Councilors meet for a week each year.
Scale Moribund
Scope Global
Activity No activity after 2007/2012 period. Peace Council's work (was) a commitment by the Peace Councilors to help one another in the practical peace-making that has made each Peace Councilor a leader in his or her community. The Peace Council supports local peacemakers in regions of special need. It gives practical assistance to local peace efforts and to communities of peace. The Peace Council works with the UN, with governments, and NGO's.
Religion Secular
Words peace, non-violence, human rights
Acronym ICPC
Contact 1112 Grant Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53711 USA