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Organization The Cambridge Interfaith Programme
History Started 2002 with the aim of bringing the resources of the Faculty of Divinity, and the University of Cambridge more generally, to bear on questions about the relationship between Jews, Christians and Muslims.
City Cambridge, England
Values academic, religious
Vision culture of engagement across the university with academic and civic interfaith work
Mission furthering understanding across the religious traditions, with a focus on Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Goals To shape the future of engagement between people of faith and the future of engagement between peoples of faith and the world that surrounds them. Learning about, learning from, and learning between religions as they interact within a secular and religious world.
Approach participants’ critical love for their own traditions; partnerships of difference between participants; a commitment to long-term apprenticeship and collegiality; a constant pursuit of deeper understanding within and between traditions; and work done both for its own sake and for practical benefit. Abrahamic faiths and beyond.
Structure was a flagship project for the University's 800th Anniversary Campaign, and is attracting the support of religious and civic leaders, academics and benefactors across the faiths. team of director and associates plus research colleagues and support staff.
Scale Medium
Scope Local
Activity The Cambridge Abraham Project works in public education, with professionals, public services and youth. CIP focuses its energies in two broad areas – academic work and civic work. CIP facilitates high-level research, studentships and conferences. The Cambridge Abraham Project is CIPs output in the civic realm, in partnership with the Coexist Foundation, an organisation which has shared CIPs vision from the outset. Translation work is also central to our vision of opening new possibilities for in-depth study. We aim to build a bridge over the divide caused by different languages.
Religion Christian, Islam, Judaism
Words education, research, culture, encounter
Acronym CIP
Contact Faculty of Divinity, West Road, Cambridge CB3 9BS. England