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Organization Network of Spiritual Progressives
History NSP was founded by three well-known public intellectuals and activists Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of TIKKUN magazine and author of eleven books, Sr. Joan Chittister, Benedictine nun, social-justice advocate and author of more than 30 books and Cornel West, professor of Religion at Princeton University, among whose books is Democracy Matters Winning the Fight Against Imperialism. NSP, which grew out of the community of TIKKUN readers, was established in 2006.
City Berkeley, California
Values Spiritual, social action
Vision NSP seeks to create a new bottom line whereby all institutions and persons will be judged by the extent that each one maximizes love, caring, kindness, generosity, ethical and ecologically sensitive behavior and enhances both [their] capacity to respond to others as embodiments of the sacred and to the universe with awe, wonder and radical amazement at the grandeur and mystery of all being.
Mission Love and kindness, radical amazement, peace and generosity. Instead of a bottom-line based on money and power, we need a new bottom-line that judges corporations, governments, schools, public institutions, and social practices as efficient, rational and productive not only to the extent they maximize money and power, but to the extent they maximize love and caring, ethical and ecological sensitivity, and our capacity to respond with awe and wonder at the grandeur of creation.
Goals Inspiring leaders, influencing legislation and incarnating community.
Approach Advocacy, join to support/lobby/network
Structure no information
Scale Moderate
Scope Global
Activity Inspiring leaders, influencing legislation and incarnating community. Promoting a Global Marshall plan and (ESRA) The Environmental & Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Caring Society Conferences. Publishes Tikkun Magazine distributed online to members.
Religion All faith
Words advocacy, network
Acronym NSP
Contact 2342 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 1200, Berkeley, CA 94804, USA. Tel. +1-510-644-1200 Fax. +1-510-644-1255