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Organization Adyan Foundation
History Lebanese foundation for inter-religious studies and spiritual solidarity was founded on 6 August 2006 by members from Christian and Muslim denominations.
City Beirut, Lebanon
Values human unity and peace
Vision Religions can play a role in developing social relations between religious communities.
Mission Adyan works for the clarification of main religious and theological concepts especially in relation with social and political issues. The foundation also works on building and strengthening solidarity and positive interaction among people belonging to different religious groups, through mutual understanding and common commitment. Adyan thus hopes to be an active participant in the promotion of social cohesion and peace building, nationally and internationally.
Goals Foster Cross-Cultural Arab-West dialogue and mutual understanding. Raise awareness at grassroots level on religious pluralism, geopolitics of religions and interfaith relations. Introduce in the national educational policies and programs for schools, the education on inclusive citizenship for religious diversity and coexistence. Empower teachers, trainers and policy makers in religious pluralism, multifaith education and inclusive citizenship. Develop programs that foster and disseminate modern Islamic discourse and culture.
Approach Through four departments of Cross-Cultural Studies, School education on Coexistence, Solidarity, and Media, Adyan implements its different cultural, educational, social and spiritual programs.
Structure Adyan is registered in Lebanon as a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO), under registration number 1103 by a ministerial decree dated 18 September 2008.
Scale Medium
Scope National
Activity International conferences and presentations. Online global village subscription.
Religion Secular
Words education, culture, dialogue
Acronym ADYAN
Contact Majdalani Bldg. 8th floor, Aalam St., Badaro District - Beirut, Lebanon. Tel +961 1393211