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Organization Interfaith Centre of Melbourne
History Victoria Parliament in November 2000, 'Conviction with compassion: a report into freedom of religion and belief', suggests that elements of racism and religious intolerance remain endemic in our society.
City Melbourne, Australia
Values Peace, love, non-violence, right action, truth, and respect for the human family
Vision Combating prejudice and assisting people to overcome disadvantage.
Mission Promote understanding and respect among the world's religious and spiritual communities living in the State of Victoria, and to build bridges of dialogue and friendship between communities in Melbourne, the region and the world, thus fostering peaceful coexistence.
Goals For Australia to grow as a successful multicultural and multi-faith nation
Approach Seminars and educational programs are developed and artistic events for the public are produced. Through programs, active partnerships with religious and ethnic groups, educational institutions and the United Nations Association of Australia have been developed. involve and attract youth who are searching for deeper meaning in their lives, and who show deep concern for the future of humanity and the planet. Interfaith ceremonies. Interfaith gatherings.
Structure Educational and cultural non-profit organization.
Scale moderate
Scope Victoria, Australia
Activity The Rumi Concert, Breaking the Veils (Women Artists from the Islamic World), Interfaith Prayers and Ceremonies. Interfaith Gatherings.
Religion all faith
Words multi-faith, multi-cultural
Acronym IFCM
Contact PO Box 18335 Collins Street East Melbourne 8003 Victoria, Australia Ph: 61-3-9650 7163 Fax: 61-3-9650 8383
Email online through website