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Organization InterSpiritual Dialogue in Action
History ISDnA was originally established as InterSpiritual Dialogue (ISD) in 2002. Then it was expanded after discussions at the 2005 Common Ground Conference. ISDnA consequently subsumed ISD and its work with relevant caucuses at the UN, including the Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns. At the Conference it was suggested to add the words n Action to ISD to underscore the importance of action as well as contemplation. ISDnA was then created as an electronic open space where interested individuals, groups and networks could propose collaborations, list cooperative projects and communicate widely and fruitfully about interspiritual presence and action in the world.
City Austin, Texas
Values Spiritual
Vision Brother Wayne understood the present era as one in which the Consciousness of Oneness would unfold in more and more people.
Mission ISDnAs mission is to promulgate the Interspiritual message and vision originally elaborated by interfaith leader Brother Wayne Teasdale (1945-2004).
Goals To bring together and network individuals of consciousness and help them develop authentic friendships, which he believed would enhance the unfolding.
Approach In keeping with the last word in ISDNA title action the website and its links are used to bring like-minded individuals together to collaborate. Then, on a self-selected basis, individuals and organisations in the network work through various subunits and projects.
Structure Through the 'Interspiritual Multiplex' on the website and Facebook. Partnering with ISDnA are the Order of Universal Interfaith (OUnI), Community of The Mystic Heart (Universal Order of Sannyasa), integral Spirituality Nexis, Bro. Wayne Teasdale Education Programs at One Spirit Seminary and Learning Alliance.
Scale Moderate
Scope Global
Activity Common dround, infinite sensitivity, circles of authentic friendships, universal order of sannyasa, schools of awakening
Religion Spiritualism
Words oneness, interspirituality
Acronym ISDnA
Contact cyberspace