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Organization International Center for Religion and Diplomacy
History Founded 1999 by its current president, Dr. Douglas Johnston, a former Navy officer turned diplomatic strategist sets up an interfaith peace making team to travel the world and help solve ethnic and political conflicts through religious contacts close to those in power.
City Washington DC, USA
Values Religious
Vision ICRD envisions a world free of identity-based conflict through faith-based diplomacy.
Mission Addressing identity-based conflict that exceed the reach of traditional diplomacy by incorporating religion as part of the solution.
Goals Bridging the political and religious spheres in support of peacemaking. Deploying inter-religious action teams to areas where conflict threatens or has already erupted. Training clergy and laity in the skills of peacemaking. Supporting interpretations of religious teachings that reduce misunderstanding and conflict.
Approach By including religious reconciliation in diplomatic engagements, whether official or unofficial, ICRD believes it has created a new synergy for peacemaking that can meet two important needs (1) minimising the occasions for armed conflict and (2) creating a more stable global environment in which economic growth to benefit more of the worlds population can be achieved.
Structure Officers and staff, advisory council, board of directors.
Scale Moderate
Scope International
Activity To prevent or resolve identity-based conflict. when struggles of individual or group identity are a primary factor in the conflict, religious identity is a driver of conflict or religious identity could act as a potential mitigator of conflict. Action where communal conflicts exceed the reach of traditional diplomacy, for example official diplomats cannot reach important conflict actors, religious actors are actively involved in conflict, or are ineffectively engaged in peace processes.
Religion All-faith
Words diplomacy, faith, conflict-resolution
Acronym ICRD
Contact 1625 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., Suite 601, Washington, DC 20036, USA. Tel. +1-202-331-9409 Fax. +1-202-872-9137