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Organization Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs
History Created in the office of Georgetowns president in 2006.
City Washington DC, USA
Values Academic. Deep examination of faith and values, and that open engagement of religious and cultural traditions with one another can promote peace.
Vision BCs goal is to create greater interreligious understanding in public servants.
Mission BC is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of religion, ethics, and public life. As part of Georgetown University, Americas oldest Jesuit institution of higher learning, it implements its mission through research, teaching, and service.

To make Georgetown a global leader in the interdisciplinary study of religion and the advancement of interreligious understanding. Refer also to WFDD, World Faiths Development Dialogue.

Approach BC employs the academic strategy of encouraging relevant research, teaching and service by Georgetowns faculty and student body as well as the Centers fellows and program participants.
Structure US Academic institution within Georgetown University.
Scale Larger
Scope University
Activity Center programs build knowledge, promote dialogue, and support action in a critical area at the intersection of world affairs. Academic faculty programs offer: (1) Doyle Undergraduate Initiatives (2) Religious Pluralism in World Affairs (3) Globalisation, Religions and the Secular (4) The Religion, Ethics and World Affairs Certificate (5) Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy (6) The Religious Freedom Project (7) Catholic Church and Interreligious Dialogue, (8) Law, Religion and Values, (9) Religion and Global Development and (10) Religion, Conflict and Peace.
Religion Secular
Words research, education, study, inter-religious, religion
Acronym BCRPWA
Contact 3307 M Street, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20007, USA. Tel. +1-202-687-5119