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 ..a narrow definition of interreligious dialogue can be: human interaction and communication primarily between religious institutions leaders .. for the primary purpose of clarifying theological/philosophical similarities and differences. This definition is what is popularly understood by interreligious dialogue.
 It however only reflects what Panikkar has called dialectical dialogue.
 A broader definition of interreligious dialogue...
 ..all forms of interactions and communication through speech, writing and/or any kind of shared activities that help mutual understanding and/or cooperation between people who self-identify religiously in one form or another.
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 | adapted excerpt of ch.1 | Religion as a Conversation Starter: Interreligious Dialogue for Peacebuilding in the Balkans. | Ina Merdjanova and Patrice Brodeur | ISBN-10: 144119438X | ISBN-13: 978-1441194381 |

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Pluralism.org The Interfaith Infrastructure Study, a pilot initiative of The Pluralism Project, documents this exponential growth of interfaith initiatives and considers the implications of our multi-religious reality for citizenship and leadership today and in the future... As we look to the next stage of the project, we will begin collecting stories from other cities and towns, of individuals and organizations. Storytelling bridges this intersection of historical memory and future possibilities by providing a venue for collaborative sharing and learning.


Berkleycentre Interreligious Dialogue organizations listing. The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University, .. is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of religion, ethics, and public life. As a Catholic, Jesuit university that also welcomes many members of the collegiate community who belong to diverse religious traditions, Georgetown promotes interfaith understanding, respect, and dialogue through its support for a wide array of organizations and programs.


October 13th 2007. In response to Pope Benedict XVI’s Regensburg address in 2006, in 'A Common Word Between Us and You', 138 Muslim scholars, clerics and intellectuals unanimously came together for the first time since the days of the Prophet to declare the common ground between Christianity and Islam. Common Word has been the basis for many resolutions and peace initiatives, such as World Interfaith Harmony Week.


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