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detailInterfaith Dialogue AssociationGrand Rapids, Michigan. USATo eliminate prejudice between members of different religious traditions and ideologies. To foster an appreciation for the richness of diverse religions and ideologies. To identify commonalities and differences among religions and ideologies to enhance personal growth and transformation. To promote friendship and trust among people of diverse religions and ideologies.
detailInterfaith Cultural Organization of AthensAthens, Georgia. USAno research info
detailRumi Club for Interfaith Dialogue New Jersey, USAto develop a medium for dialogue among people of different cultures and religions. To awaken awareness about different cultures and religions and to eradicate misunderstanding due to lack of information. To point out the common aspects among religions and cultures.
detailInterfaith Center of New YorkNew York, New York. USAno research info
detailBrockton Interfaith CommunityBrockton, Massachusetts. USAto reach across ethnic, racial, and religious lines, to improve the community by building relationships, identifying common concerns, finding solutions and taking action for social justice.
detailThe Interreligious Center on Public LifeMassachusetts, USAno research info
detailInterfaith AllianceWashington, DC, USATo ensure that faith and freedom flourish so that individuals can worship freely or not worship at all, so they can embrace matters of personal conscience without fear of government intrusion, and so that all can live in a vibrant, healthy society.
detailGreater Boston Interfaith OrganizationMassachusetts,USATo develop local leadership and organized power to fight for social justice. To hold both public and private power holders accountable for their public responsibilities. To initiate actions and programs to solve community and economic problems.
detailSpiritual and Religious Alliance for HopeCalifornia, USATo discuss and expand our experiences of womens spirituality in the home, community, and the world. To learn about one another’s cultural and spiritual foundations in order to enrich lives, and together improve the communities.
detailInterFaith MinistriesWichita, Kansas. USAsupport for community and social service provision
detailInterfaith Council of Southern NevadaLas Vegas, Nevada. USAto build and sustain bridges of understanding, respect, and appreciation in our multifaith and multicultural community. To provide opportunities for dialogue, partnership, education, service, hospitality, and celebration among people of various faiths and cultures. To cultivate wide spread community support for interfaith and multicultural work in Southern Nevada.
detailInterfaith Ministries for Greater HoustonHouston, Texas. USAIM believes that through service and dialogue it is possible for very diverse people to come to know one another and to find common ground, while maintaining their personal beliefs and keeping their cultures intact.
detailNashua Area Interfaith Council Nashua, New Hampshire. USA

To worship together as a witness to our unity before God. To work together as an interfaith fellowship in service to our community and world.

detailHopeful BrusselsBrussels, Belgiumto bring about cooperation and dialogue between the representatives of the various traditions, allowing them to exercise their moral authority, as well as carrying out their values of tolerance and mutual respect to their respective supporters. Also wants to be an organization which, through means of an action in concert of the various representatives, can call for calmness, reflection and respect in the case of a crisis or cultural tension. To start dialogue between different communities in order to play a part in the realization of reconciliation, mutual understanding and peace.
detailAll Souls Interfaith GatheringShelburne, Vermont. USAto offer each person an opportunity to forge a personal connection with the divine source
detailConnecticut Council for Interreligious UnderstandingHartford, Connecticut. USATo learn about each others religion in an honest,open and respectful atmosphere. Ongoing dialogue and cooperation in providing an effective voice in public life on issues of interreligious concern
detailCouncil of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan ChicagoChicago, Illinois. USATo devise and implement ways of translating the social concerns of the Council into meaningful action and response. To bring to bear the spiritual and prophetic elements of our traditions in ways that will help promote justice, health and wholeness in this community.
detailCultural Integration Fellowship San Francisco, California. USAintercultural understanding and harmony. non-sectarian universal religion. creative self-development and self-fulfillment
detailDutchess County Interfaith Council, IncPoughkeepsie, New York, USATo bring a spiritual perspective to community issues To weave the thread of community by honoring the diversity of religious expression and ethnic background.
detailDuxbury Interfaith Council Duxbury, Mass. USAto provide opportunities for all people of Duxbury to join in interfaith worship, charity, education
detailEcumenicon Fellowship Hyattsville, Maryland. USAexploring faith journeying
detailFaithHouse ManhattanNew York, New York. USA

to guide relationships and the life of the community. To follow the six principles of inter-dependence. Common Journey, Different Paths, Re-Interpretation. Gracious Communication, Giving through receiving. Freedom from force and freedom to change. Post-cynicism.

detailFoundation for Inter-Cultural Dialogue Tempe, Arizona. USATo overcome ignorance and lack of communication that are the two main causes of intolerance. To establish education as the first step to inter-cultural dialogue.
detailGreater Long Beach Interfaith Community OrganizationLong Beach, California. USATo recruit member congregations who are ready to commit to the community organizing process. To bridge ethnic, cultural, and racial differences. Focus on air quality, health, housing and voting.
detailGreater Richmond Interfaith ProgramRichmond, California

To provide food and shelter, as well as support and prevention-based services to help community members in need achieve self-sufficiency. To help provide employment and permanent supported housing. To further social responsibility, justice, and spiritual healing in all activities. To recognize common humanity by celebrating life, dignity, and faith in strategic efforts to end homelessness, hunger, and disenfranchisement. To reach out to other groups, agencies and individuals to support and carry out work together. To provide opportunities for all faith-based and secular communities and individuals to embrace the sacred service of assisting the impoverished, with a focus on healing, and a commitment to transforming lives.

detailGreenville Interfaith Forum Greenville, South Carolina. USAprovides opportunities for learning more about Greenvilles religious diversity. invites members to bring the strengths and blessings of their faith tradition or denomination to their interfaith effort to build religious understanding and cooperation.
detailInterfaith Association of Central OhioColumbus, Ohio. USATo educate adherents and the public about customs and practices of faith traditions. To provide interfaith public worship and ceremonies expressing local and global concerns.To promote social justice, peace and human dignity.
detailInterfaith Center at the PresidioSan Francsico, California. USAto welcome people of all faiths at the Interfaith Chapel in the Presidio of San Francisco (the Presidio Chapel) Committed to healing and peacemaking within, between, and among religious and spiritual traditions.
detailInterfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA Develop more leaders of the interfaith movement who know how to bridge differences and work for the common good, create accessible models for people of faith to learn how to work together, educate and inspire youth and adults to create communities that go beyond indifference and skepticism to truly valuing and engaging difference. Help diverse faith communities understand their respective stories , celebrating both commonalities and distinctiveness within their traditions.
detailInterfaith Community Services Tucson ArizonaTuscon, Arizona. USAto help recipients remain or become stabilized, enabling them to lead independent lives. To provide services for thousands of people in need. provide seniors and disabled individuals with transportation, meals, and caregiving services so they can remain independent in their homes. provide a compassionate place to turn to for people in financial crisis so that they have vital services that help stabilize their housing, employment, and health care situations. provide personal resources, social support, and information to seniors, disabled individuals, and people in financial crisis to make informed decisions.
detailThe Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County Walnut Creek, California. USATo provide chaplaincy ministries in various county institutions on behalf of local congregations. To include congregations and faith organizations which represent the growing pluralistic population of Contra Costa County.
detailInterfaith Council of Greater RichmondRichmond, Virginia. USAno info
detailThe Interfaith Network Seattle, Washington, USADiscover common ground among faith traditions, understand and respect the differences between faith traditions
detailPeace Islands InstituteNewark, New Jersey. USAto advance diversity, pluralism and multiculturalism in the society and lead the way for a trans-cultural generation in the future. To spread the interreligious dialogue at the grassroots level. To provide a medium where followers of different religions may meet each other and understand the issues by finding consensus among them. To spread common values of faiths in order to contribute to world peace. To cooperate with similar local and international organizations and work closely with them in the boundaries of its constitution. To promote respect and mutual understanding among all faiths and cultures.
detailInterfaith Families Project of the Greater Washington, DC Area Takoma Park, Maryland. USAnot to reject religious backgrounds, nor seek a new religion that is a mixture of Christian and Jewish belief, but to honor the distinct religious traditions and to share those traditions with spouses, partners and children.
detailInterfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara County Santa Barbara, California. USAto have a peaceful, connected community in which all religions are respected, and in which housing, education, and health needs are met, where fair and equitable access to economic and social well-being prevail, and where no-one is homeless, hungry, hated or excluded. To maintain a diverse community and celebrate its interdependence which is strengthened and fortified by the shared values of the respective faith traditions. To find humane solutions to local issues and needs through service in partnership with individuals, agencies and organizations.
detailInterfaith Leadership Alliance of Santa FeSanta Fe, New Mexico. USAUnderstand and respect the differences between faith traditions and philosophies Build relationships between faith communities Inspire participation in interfaith programs and events Implement programs and projects that support the mission
detailInterfaith of the Woodlands The Woodlands, Texas. USA To help thousands of individuals and families each year through Interfaith Programs and Services that are available to qualifying individuals and families who reside in The Woodlands and the South Montgomery County area. To provide employment assistance in six counties.
detailInterfaith Council of Greater SacramentoSacramento, California. USATo encourage a cohesive hand of all faiths in social services, to implement programs for the basic needs in the community, to help protect religious freedom as an element of human rights for all. To improve communication and to perform community service.
detailThe Interreligious Council of Southern CaliforniaLakewood, California. USAare to share concerns for problems of the community, nation, and the world. To address issues that impact the entire religious community of Southern California. To provide moral leadership on mutually agreed upon issues that effect the community. To effectively reverse ignorance and intolerance which give rise to the pervasive dehumanization infecting our age.
detailThe Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council Mission, Kansas. USAdeveloping understanding of other faiths and traditions, dialogue, interaction, model for respect. developing resources, networking, and programs for the community through arts and education to increase appreciation for cultural and religious diversity, work with educational, spiritual, and religious leaders and the media in promoting accurate and fair portrayal of the faiths within our community. awarenes of the spiritual values that can help resolve issues that occur in the environmental, social and personal realms of our lives.
detailNetwork of Religious CommunitiesBuffalo, New York. USATo promote dialogue, facilitate the sharing of spiritual activities and resources, work for justice and peace. to facilitate collaboration in areas of common concern and in response to the needs of the residents of the region, to promote justice, peace, and the common good in Western New York and the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario.
detailProject Interfaith Omaha, Nebraska. USAseek to serve resource on interfaith relations and religious and cultural diversity
detailShalom Center of the Interfaith Network Kenosha, Wisconsin. USATo assist those in need of food, shelter, health care, and educational support and to help these individuals move towards a long-term goal of self-sufficiency
detailShem Center for Interfaith Spirituality Chicaogo, Illinois, USAencouraging respect and understanding among the worlds religions
detailTexas Faith Network Austin, Texas. USA

involving religious leaders in the political process at the Texas Legislature and State Board of Education. working with the media to ensure that the religious right is not the only representative of people of faith in the news, organizing and publicizing clergy statements on important political issues of the day. and training people of faith to speak with an effective religious voice on issues facing our communities

detailWorcester InterfaithWorcester, Massachusetts. USAto build bridges between congregational and community leaders and across religious, socio-economic, racial and ethnic boundaries. to accomplish much in the areas of jobs, neighborhood improvements, public safety, education and youth, and draw attention to the disproportionate ways in which these issues affect low-income and minority populations.
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