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Organization The Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council
History started 1989 by the Rev. Vern Barnet, wanting to bring awareness of the rich diversity of faiths that constitute our Greater Kansas City community.
City Mission, Kansas. USA
Values community
Vision building the most welcoming community
Mission growing a sustainable, pervasive culture of knowledge, respect, appreciation, and trust amongst people of all faiths and religious traditions in the greater Kansas City community
Goals developing understanding of other faiths and traditions, dialogue, interaction, model for respect. developing resources, networking, and programs for the community through arts and education to increase appreciation for cultural and religious diversity, work with educational, spiritual, and religious leaders and the media in promoting accurate and fair portrayal of the faiths within our community. awarenes of the spiritual values that can help resolve issues that occur in the environmental, social and personal realms of our lives.
Approach faith network organization resources and events
Structure Multi Faith 15 member Council, a number of community advisors and faith advisors. other members. Donation.
Scale Moderate
Scope Local
Activity spiritual friends, interfaith books, interfaith newsletter, interfaith youth alliance, luncheon, interfaith speakers bureau.
Religion Secular, All-Faith
Words dialogue, community
Acronym GKCIC
Contact PO Box 9117 Mission, KS 66201