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Organization The Interreligious Council of Southern California
History Founded in 1969 as a conventional interfaith coalition of Protestants, Catholics, and Jews, it soon welcomed the membership of the Islamic Community. Now with the participation of all of the major religions of the world,
City Lakewood, California. USA
Values religious community
Vision as a unique model of interreligious cooperation and collaboration made possible by the rich and diverse population of the region
Mission to promote religious pluralism, diversity, and collaboration in Southern California.
Goals are to share concerns for problems of the community, nation, and the world. To address issues that impact the entire religious community of Southern California. To provide moral leadership on mutually agreed upon issues that effect the community. To effectively reverse ignorance and intolerance which give rise to the pervasive dehumanization infecting our age.
Approach Dehumanization is often expressed through the manifestation of a diminished value for all life as a result of losing sight of the true worth of each individual. Religious concern for the welfare of the entire person is grounded in the sacred writings of all traditions and also finds expression in the concept of stewardship. Good stewardship requires a careful assessment of available resources and a mechanism for optimal distribution and equal access for all. Taking a stand against religious prejudice and intolerance. Standing up for moral leadership and values in an increasingly secularized world.
Structure President, mayorial civic liaison, a membership of regional level faith organizations
Scale Moderate
Scope Local
Activity The IRC sponsors retreats, workshops, and educational events to increase knowledge and understanding of the world’s religions for members and the wider community. IRC Coordinates interreligious aspects of civic events. Providing religious resources and expertise to local community organizations and schools. Organizing interreligious responses to community crises.
Religion Secular, All-faith
Words pluralism, civility, tolerance
Contact 4067 Hardwick Street #130
Lakewood, CA 90712