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Organization Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia
History emerged as a regional response to the national tragedy of 9/11. The Center was formed by individuals from a wide diversity of backgrounds, including clergy and lay persons with experience in interfaith relations, who wanted to transform the tragic event  into a catalyst to affect positive change in this community.
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA
Values through celebration, service, education, and action, to enable people of all faiths to share their deepest convictions, shape solutions to common problems, and live out their highest values and aspirations.
Vision they envisioned a Center that could facilitate reconciliation, mutual trust, and common action across religious communities and where cross-cultural and multi-faith education, dialogue, and collaborative endeavors could flourish.

advances mutual trust, understanding, and cooperation among faith communities, in order to work together for the common good of the region

Goals Develop more leaders of the interfaith movement who know how to bridge differences and work for the common good, create accessible models for people of faith to learn how to work together, educate and inspire youth and adults to create communities that go beyond indifference and skepticism to truly valuing and engaging difference. Help diverse faith communities understand their respective stories , celebrating both commonalities and distinctiveness within their traditions.
Approach the Center teaches more than mere tolerance; we believe that
embracing diversity in our neighborhoods, institutions, and workplaces is the key to building a cohesive, compassionate, and thriving society and contributing to the kind of region and world in which we want to live.
Structure Executive committee, board of directors, staff, walking the walk group leaders. 
Scale Larger
Scope Regional
Activity Initiatives: alternative break for college students, day of environmental action, encountering other faiths, faith immersion series, gateway to religious communities,quest book group, religious diversity in the workplace, religious leaders council, walking the walk youth initiative, women in religious leadership, zones of peace. By the end of 2010, we had served nearly 10,000 individuals, partnered with more than 150 local religious congregations and institutions and two dozen civic and service organizations, and, to this day, remain one of the few organizations of our kind across the country. We have been called upon at the highest levels of city government and local business
Religion Secular
Words community, culture, dialogue
Acronym ICGP
Contact 3723 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-3189