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Organization Greater Richmond Interfaith Program
History interfaith, multiracial collaboration founded in the late 1960s that started providing services to the Greater Richmond community with the opening of our first food pantry in 1971. Many more organizations and initiatives followed, from farmers markets to land trusts, rape crisis centers to economic development agencies, all with the common goal of helping those in need. Meanwhile, new congregations continued to join the coalition.
City Richmond, California
Values wide variety of traditions and varied cultures,  to work together in mutual self-respect, to carry out a deeply felt commitment to healing the world around us, seeks solutions to problems and events,  seek justice the poor the disenfranchised to empower all people.
Vision to further social responsibility, justice and spiritual healing in all our community activity
Mission to transform the lives of homeless, hungry and disenfranchised people.

To provide food and shelter, as well as support and prevention-based services to help community members in need achieve self-sufficiency. To help provide employment and permanent supported housing. To further social responsibility, justice, and spiritual healing in all activities. To recognize common humanity by celebrating life, dignity, and faith in strategic efforts to end homelessness, hunger, and disenfranchisement. To reach out to other groups, agencies and individuals to support and carry out work together. To provide opportunities for all faith-based and secular communities and individuals to embrace the sacred service of assisting the impoverished, with a focus on healing, and a commitment to transforming lives.

Approach a vibrant and robust community outreach, advocacy and homelessness prevention organization. our focus is on three core initiatives: providing food, shelter and supportive services to help homeless individuals and families make the transition to self-sufficiency.
Structure is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors drawn primarily from our member congregations, and includes a representative from the homeless community. programs are adminstered by a small staff supplemented by a vast team of dedicated volunteers.
Scale Medium
Scope Local
Activity Souper Center Program, which provides lunch meals 365 days a year to over 200 people a day. Family Housing Program, which provides emergency shelter and transitional housing for families with children. West County Resource Center, which provides case management, training and treatment programs to over 2,000 unsheltered individuals and families. Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP), which is our newest program, providing fiscal and supportive services to prevent at-risk individuals and families from becoming homeless. Permanent Supportive Housing facility, which is home to eight (8) chronically homeless, dual diagnosed and/or disabled residents.
Religion Secular
Words community, justice, rights
Acronym GRIP
Contact 165 22nd Street Richmond, CA 94801