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Organization Peace Islands Institute
History 2011, IDC changed its name to Peace Islands Institute (PII) to broaden its mission as a civic community organization that focuses on crucial social issues that prevent improvoment of education, pluralism and overall quality of life.
City Newark, New Jersey. USA
Values contribute to education, unity and peace in our society
Vision Inspired by F Gulen: to witness the birth of a spiritual dynamic that will revitalize long-dormant moral values; an age of tolerance, understanding, and international cooperation that will ultimately lead, through inter-cultural dialogue and a sharing of values, to a single, inclusive civilization.
Mission to bring together the different points of view and voices with the spirit of mutual respect and acceptance.
Goals to advance diversity, pluralism and multiculturalism in the society and lead the way for a trans-cultural generation in the future. To spread the interreligious dialogue at the grassroots level. To provide a medium where followers of different religions may meet each other and understand the issues by finding consensus among them. To spread common values of faiths in order to contribute to world peace. To cooperate with similar local and international organizations and work closely with them in the boundaries of its constitution. To promote respect and mutual understanding among all faiths and cultures.
Approach organizes educational and cultural activities such as lectures, seminars, conferences, discussion panels, luncheons, informative dinners, programs for students and youth as well as trips to Turkey.
Structure admin staff, advisory board
Scale Moderate
Scope Local
Activity Trips, Luncheons and Dinners, Book Conversations, Lectures and Conferences, Gatherings, Neighborliness Project
Religion Secular
Words community, dialogue
Acronym PII
Contact 17 Academy Street, Newark , NJ 07102
Email Via website