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Organization The Interfaith Network
History The Interfaith Network started originally as The Interfaith Council of Washington as an informal group of people from fifteen religious traditions who organized a "Peace Through Harmony" Interfaith Service in 1986. Their purpose was to increase understanding between members of different faiths and within the larger community.The members of this original group formally organized the Interfaith Council of WA as a registered non-profit organization in March, 1989. It changed its name to The Interfaith Network in 2009 in order to better communicate its current mission. Today, it continues to welcome individuals, as well as organizations, from all faith tradtions into its membership.
City Seattle, Washington, USA
Values to promote interfaith connections in our community
Vision all faith traditions and communities are honored, respected and celebrated, working together to bring peace and harmony
Mission to sponsor, support and promote interfaith activities and programs that foster cooperation, understanding, social interaction and individual spiritual growth among people of all faiths.
Goals Discover common ground among faith traditions, understand and respect the differences between faith traditions
Approach build relationships between faith communities,inspire participation in interfaith programs and events, celebrate, enjoy, and learn from one another.
Structure The Interfaith Network Board is responsible for the work of the Network. The Team is made up of volunteers who have been selected and approved by the Partner Communities to be responsible for the different jobs of the Network.
Scale Moderate
Scope Local
Activity Publication support and sponsorship of experiential events such as one world one heart, onesong interfaith concert, seeds of compassion cultivating compassion, radical awakening, the new universe story, international day of peace.
Religion Secular, All-faith
Words community, respect, peace
Acronym TIN
Contact PO Box 31005 Seattle, WA 98103-1005