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Organization Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond
History Founded in 1900 but existing as it is today since 1991, is an organization of 19 different religious denominations in the city of Richmond and surrounding counties.
City Richmond, Virginia. USA
Values value the participation of persons with vision of expectancy and hope for the future; for respect, education, peace, youth working for reconciliation/unity, the needy.
Vision the uniqueness of the Interfaith Council is its ability to cherish this rich diversity and at the same time to celebrate the unity of all these faiths by addressing basic human needs through cooperative community service.
Mission to develop understanding, respect and cooperation among the various religious faiths.
Goals no info
Approach expressing our faith through the arts
Structure 501 compliant, directors, faith representatives, business education and social service friends
Scale Moderate
Scope Local
Activity annual brotherhood/sisterhood youth awards, interfaith networking and research, lending library, speakers bureau.
Religion Secular
Words community, respect
Acronym ICGR
Contact P. O. Box 28166, Henrico, Virginia 23228-0166
Email or