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Organization Interfaith Center at the Presidio
History in late 1992, The San Francisco Interfaith Council took the lead in gathering a coalition of Bay Area interfaith organizations and forming a steering committee. Their goal was to create a long-term interfaith bridge-building presence in the nation's newest national park.
City San Francsico, California. USA
Values Civic
Vision no vision statement info
Mission to welcome, serve, and celebrate the diverse faith traditions and spiritual wisdom of the Bay Area.
Goals to welcome people of all faiths at the Interfaith Chapel in the Presidio of San Francisco (the Presidio Chapel) Committed to healing and peacemaking within, between, and among religious and spiritual traditions.
Approach The Center holds its own interfaith services and events at the Chapel, including an annual Interfaith Memorial Day Service, a Gathering of Blessings each fall, meditation groups, frequent potluck and program evenings, and hopes to repeat a first interfaith fair.
Structure no structure info
Scale Moderate
Scope Local
Activity Providing the function of an interfaith church. Conference events, delegations to major external events. Partner with URI, Parliament of World Religions and hosted NAIN.
Religion Secular
Words community, culture, dialogue
Acronym ICP
Contact Post Office Box 29055 San Francisco, CA 94129