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Organization Greater Long Beach Interfaith Community Organization
History 1998, a group of religious congregations and community leaders with the assistance of PICO, established a Sponsoring Committee for an interfaith congregation-based community organization. Following several years of organizing and the successful engagement of several congregations on issues of local importance, in 2005 voted to become a duly constituted nonprofit community organization.
City Long Beach, California. USA
Values Civic.
Vision To revitalize democracy by engaging, educating and organizing people to act on their faith values. to engage low and moderate income families in civic life and the democratic process through leadership training and congregation-based organizing.
Mission Justice is a product of the interaction of the spiritual and social dimensions of our lives. Organizing is a tool to integrate those two dimensions and create a world of dignity and justice for all the families of our community.
Goals To recruit member congregations who are ready to commit to the community organizing process. To bridge ethnic, cultural, and racial differences. Focus on air quality, health, housing and voting.
Approach Work with member congregations to identify key issues in health and health care, environmental justice, homelessness and housing, or immigrant rights and to engage and energize local leadership to work towards resolution and social transformation.
Structure no structure info
Scale Moderate
Scope Local
Activity member congregations have worked on a variety of issues of local concern including traffic problems, street lighting, crime, sanitation and youth activities. Congregations have also worked together on issues of shared concern including air quality, access to health care, shelter for the homeless and the need for affordable housing.
Religion Secular
Words community, justice
Acronym ACD
Contact 5600 Linden Avenue Long Beach, CA 90805