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Organization Hopeful Brussels
History Approximately 45 percent of the Brussels population is of foreign origin. civic sponsor J. Chabert, First Vice-President of the Brussels Regional Parliament, based on Marseille Esperance.
City Brussels, Belgium
Values Civic
Vision an interreligious and philosophical platform, aimed at improving relations between the different religions at the urban level and which takes a united action in situations of crisis.
Mission to be a meeting place of leaders from different religious and philosophical traditions, established on the belief that multi-culturalism is a benefit for society rather than a cause for division
Goals to bring about cooperation and dialogue between the representatives of the various traditions, allowing them to exercise their moral authority, as well as carrying out their values of tolerance and mutual respect to their respective supporters. Also wants to be an organization which, through means of an action in concert of the various representatives, can call for calmness, reflection and respect in the case of a crisis or cultural tension. To start dialogue between different communities in order to play a part in the realization of reconciliation, mutual understanding and peace.
Approach through the Brussels Interreligious and Philosophical Platform, the various representatives enter into conversation with one another, for knowledge and respect. In the event of conflict or tensions effecting Brussels population, religious leaders and representatives from all philosophies of life will use their moral authority to call for reconciliation, understanding and cooperation. a structural consideration which wants to contribute to a peaceful and harmonious society of all Brussels-Capital Regions inhabitants.
Structure membership of regional or national level faith represenatives and freethinker.
Scale Moderate
Scope City
Activity no information provided since 2004
Religion Secular
Words dialogue, inter-culture, NRC
Acronym no research info
Contact Rue du Lombard 69 - 1000 Brussels, Belgium